My Material Life

Easy and Adorable Girl’s Dress & Tunic Pattern

I’m so glad I made this garment. It’s now a tunic for a 6-1/2 year old, but it started out as a dress for a nearly 5 year old. I love how it’s grown with her even though she’s grown taller! She insisted on wearing it both days last weekend over jeans and I have to say it still looks great on her – maybe even better now than it did as a dress. Luckily, the pattern is still available, Burda 9627 (option C), and it’s very easy to sew. I do enjoy sewing knits, and I don’t even use a serger. For tips, I always refer back to an old Threads Magazine article by Jan Saunders. I can’t find the article online and it’s a bit too large for my scanner to create a PDF, but when I figure out how to get around that I’ll let you know.

The fabric for this (a really nice quality cotton knit) came from Eddie’s Quilting Bee/Dawn’s House of Sewing in Sunnyvale. Have you shopped there before? Downstairs you’ll find quilting cottons and Amy Butler yardage, but I tend to find more interesting fabrics upstairs, so don’t miss going up there and poking around a bit.


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