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If You’re Going to San Francisco

I hope you have good weather like we had last weekend (and now is the best time of year for that). This is the view from my sister’s suite at the Hyatt Regency on Saturday night – nice, isn’t it?! When you book online with them, they’ll give you the option of a potential upgrade at a discounted price. If you’re a AAA member, book at the breakfast AAA rate and they’ll remove your breakfast charge (which is steep!) when you check out.

And if you stay at that Hyatt, you’ll be very near the Ferry Building Marketplace where you’ll find sweet scenes like this one at Miette.

You may want to take in a tour of the city with views like this one in Chinatown.

But if you take a singing and dancing in your seat duck boat ride like we did, you may become the real attraction.

The Perfect Souvenir

I found these pen and watercolor sketches in Justin Herman Plaza. This is the kind of art that makes my heart sing, so I couldn’t resist picking up three of my favorites, framed, for $10 each. These are original pieces, painted on postcard-size pieces of watercolor paper by John Tunui. He’ll even let you choose your frames.


One comment

  1. Hairy P Montgomery

    John Tunui was painting and selling his paintings at Embarcadero, in front of the San Francisco Port and I bought one of it, paying $10 .
    His pantings reminds me the smart thought from Mr. Fritzemberg…
    “In the mountains, as well as among the sheep, not all canaries are gray.” (Julius Fritzemberg, 1727 – 1804)

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