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Do you think that not finishing projects may be some kind of subconscious ploy to stave off mortality? That the grim reaper might allow you more time if he knew you still hadn’t bound off that scarf or that baby doll blanket or finished that first pair of socks? I wonder about that sometimes. This is a project that I started last May. I found these color-blocked pillows in a magazine photo that looked like they were knit in some kind of bobble pattern and I fell in love with them, but bobbles are such a pain to knit! So I got on the internet to look up stitch patterns and I found this trinity stitch which is just what I was looking for.  It really is not difficult and the texture is not as pronounced as you’d have with a bobble which is OK for me on my kitchen couch. I’m going to make another color block in a square shape – half blue, half green and I’ll back each pillow with fabric so they’re more stable – some day!

This print provided the inspiration for the colors. It hangs above my kitchen couch, and I love it so much. I found it at One King’s Lane which is an online sale site for things for the home that kind of operates like a high-end, limited-time, internet version of a Tuesday Morning. You could spend a lot of time looking at the wonderful things they put up for sale at pretty good prices. Choose carefully because most if not all of it is non-returnable. Dangerous, but a great resource.



  1. Kathie

    Hey Sis!
    If unfinished projects are any attempt to stave off mortality, I should hope to be around for a very long time! Here’s to many more creative endeavors and many more years of sharing – Happy Birthday!
    Love, Kathie

    • It’s a great pattern, isn’t it? I was a little confused by the knit, purl, knit instruction, but I did some more research and discovered that you k, p, k in the same stitch and then it made sense. Have fun!

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