My Material Life

Potholder Loom

We got our first potholder loom last month. It’s a nice metal one from Harrisville Designs in New Hampshire. I don’t quite understand the design of the metal hook that’s meant to help you with the weaving, but other than that it’s great. My daughter picked the colors for our first project and attached the warp loops and the rest has been pretty much left to me. It’s all woven, but I can’t decide whether to finish it with a loopy edge and make it a doll house rug or finish it with a flat edge and make it a potholder.


These are my favorite potholders. They were woven by my friend Janice who is one of my knitting friends that I write about periodically. They are just the right size and thickness. And I love the color (which she let me select).

If you’d like to get your own loom, it will be on sale this weekend at our favorite local toy store, Learning Express (September 17, 18, 19; El Paseo de Saratoga store in San Jose). It’s not an expensive item when it’s not on sale, but 20% off is 20% off.



  1. Lynsey

    Could you please tell us the brand of loops you used in the multicolor potholder? They are such pretty, vibrant colors and look so nice and thick. Some loops are such poor quality and really not worth using. Thank you for sharing.

    • Of course! These loops are by the same maker of the looms, Harrisville Designs. You’re right – they’re really nice quality. I was looking at their loops online recently because I want to make some more hot pads. If I remember right you can purchase by color as well as by mixed colors. Have fun!

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