My Material Life

Bedroom in a Box

I didn’t come up with this idea of setting up a room in one of those paperboard suitcases; my daughter did, but I did get this one started with the idea of shooting a photo to show you here because it is such a brilliant scheme. And she did improve on my original set-up by changing the accessories on the dresser and adding the piano and the floor lamp (which I moved next to the piano). A piano in the bedroom – that’s an interesting idea.

I don’t know any other young kids who enjoy this kind of play as much as my daughter does, but if I did, I might put together a gift of a couple of pieces of furniture and some accessories in a paper suitcase like this. The lining of the suitcase makes such fun wallpaper. I’ve bought paper suitcases at Paper Source, but I know other places carry them as well (like Land of Nod). The furniture and accessories are a mix of sets we’ve purchased: Fancy Nancy, Calico Critters, etc. as well as hand knit items (rug and throw on bed – a great use for swatches) and found items (table next to bed came from a pizza box).


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