My Material Life

TV Tonight!

Inspector Lewis Series III, Counter Culture Blues

Secrets From a Stylist, Emily Henderson of Design Star

I’m kind of excited to have two shows to record tonight! The first, on KQED Masterpiece Theatre, is a new Inspector Lewis episode and the start of a new series. You know I’m crazy for a good British mystery and I know who’s who with my Agatha Christies, but I’m still trying to figure out these more modern stories with Inspector this and that. Lewis is the one who works in Oxford, England and I believe he used to work with Inspector Morse (a previous Masterpiece series). Anyway, tonight’s episode includes the wonderful Joanna Lumley (Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous). She plays an aging rock star who seemingly resurfaces from the dead which sounds like great fun – except for whoever gets murdered!

Then at 10pm over on HGTV, the enchanting Emily from Design Star has her own special, Secrets From a Stylist. It’s nice they were able to get her a special so fast; she was only crowned design star last week! My daughter and I started watching Design Star earlier in the summer when I was laid up with a stomach bug. We were both happy Emily won. She will definitely bring something fresh and cool to that network. Apparently she’s worked as a magazine and catalog stylist in L.A. for the last ten years and tonight she makes over a friend’s (co-creator of the show Glee) bungalow to reflect his style. She’s adorable and talented and I hope her show does well.

Just one more television note before I sign off. Yesterday I watched the most recent Project Runway episode. Did you see it? I can’t tell you how happy I was that Tim came in at the last minute and had the courage to call out the losing team on their deplorable behavior in front of the judges. Let me tell you, that team’s true colors were showing and they were not at all flattering. You know I think Tim Gunn really makes that show. Integrity and style – what more could you ask for?



  1. I’m a big Inspector Lewis fan too so am delighted that they have created some new cases for Lewis and his partner DS Hathaway. I always watched Inspector Morse so grew to like the Lewis character then. ( I loved John Thaw as Morse.)

    • I never watched Morse – wonder if KTEH ever shows the old ones? Isn’t there a Detective or Inspector Lynley series or something like that too? Very confusing! Glad you liked the cookies and decided not to share them!

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