My Material Life

So Long Uncle Bob

When I returned from our trip last week, I found out that my Uncle Bob had passed away at the age of 86 on August 18. That’s a snapshot of him from 1970 during a visit to our house in Westlake. It’s the only photo I have of him that even begins to convey his sense of humor which was enormous! We all adored Bob. Such good times we had!

Making Hamburgers

Family Man

Wedding Day

Bob was a salt-of-the-earth midwesterner. He was one of nine children, a devoted husband to Maryrose (one of my father’s sisters), a father of four, and he served in the Navy during WWII. One of his jobs was building superintendent for the Hancock Building in Chicago. Twice a year he would have to go up the exterior of the building. Can you imagine?! His greatest love was his wife, Maryrose. She passed away three years ago. They were a real team. I talked with my cousin Kathy (one of Bob’s and Maryrose’s daughters) a few days ago and she said she couldn’t ever remember an unkind word spoken between them.

We used to play a card game called “99” with Bob. Have you heard of it? It’s a lot of fun. We’d play with quarters. Really easy too. You just have to be able to count. I found the instructions here on Wikipedia. They look pretty similar to how we’d play.

Passing on 99 to the Next Generation



  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Uncle Bob. I remember many times hearing you speak with such fondness of Uncle Bob and Aunt Maryrose. As I remember, you had wonderful visits with them. Didn’t you use to catch or watch lightening bugs when you visited? I can tell by your remarks that you have many precious memories of your times with Bob.
    Jo Ann

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