My Material Life

Paper Bouquets

We visited my sister last week and instead of bringing real flowers we brought this book of paper bouquets by Ray Marshall that we found at Anthropologie. The book contains five paper floral arrangements and it’s called Paper Blossoms. We just happened to be at my sister’s house for five days, so we got to change the arrangement and enjoy something new each day. Did you notice that bird of paradise? I think that one is my favorite. Something different anyway!

I brought home one of the aprons my sister made to sell in a cake shop in Placerville that recently closed. I’ve always loved the IKEA fabric she used for this one (looks very Josef Frank to me), so I couldn’t resist it.



  1. Thanks very much for buying my book – I really appreciate it! What a great sisterly thing to do! We’ve received a lot of positive feedback so far which makes all of the time and effort we put into the book worthwhile!

    Ray Marshall – paper engineer of Paper Blossoms.

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