My Material Life

Men, Boys, Food

I finally returned this book to the library yesterday. I had it for nine weeks legally and one week overdue. I only made one of the recipes (biscuits) during that time, but there are so many more I want to try that I think I’m just going to have to buy the book. Even though I don’t have any boys to feed and only one man. Don’t let the title put you off ā€“ as a female I would love to eat this food or maybe even try to get Lucinda Scala Quinn to adopt me. I found it while browsing the new book section of the library. I just love that cover design ā€“ how could I leave the book behind with a cover like that? The promise of strategies was a big attraction. My cooking has really deteriorated lately and I need all the help I can get.

Speaking of men and food, have you seen this show on the Travel Channel called Man vs. Food? My husband found it, then my daughter started watching it with him, and now they’ve got me watching it too. This fellow, Adam Richman, travels around the country and samples the local delicacies and finishes each show with some ridiculous food challenge (last night I saw him polish off 7 pounds of seafood – the Davey Jones” Locker ā€“ pirates in the background and all). Sounds perfectly awful, doesn’t it? A bit more low-brow than Man Shops Globe. The thing is that Adam Richman is a rather likable guy and very funny at that. I just wish he’d find a healthier line of work.


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