My Material Life

Loverly Liverpool

I like Liverpool. I didn’t expect much besides Beatles history, but it’s got great architecture, friendly people, duck boats and the Hope Street Hotel which I would revisit in a heartbeat. You can see a photo of the exterior below. It’s the building with the very modern facade and it’s situated right next to The London Carriage Works which might be the best place to eat in Liverpool. To tell the truth, we didn’t sample the food much anywhere else, but the restaurant is very well-regarded in England and I had my most memorable meals there. The room interiors are rustic modern and very comfortable. And Hope Street has the distinction of having not one, but two cathedrals! The hotel is situated in between them. Both are 20th century, but one of them seems much older; they are each worth a visit.


Liverpool also has the Albert Dock which is a very fun place to shop, eat, visit a museum (including the Tate Liverpool and a Beatles museum as well as a bug museum!) and catch a duck boat ride that takes you both along the city streets and into the Mersey – not to be missed! I also had my first Pimm’s in England there. Not my first Pimm’s ever though. I have a friend who is an interior designer – a very chic Southern gal – who introduced me to Pimm’s at a bridal shower she held at her house (she is also the one who adds limoncello to fancy Arnold Palmers). What fun! You should know this drink. Pimm’s is a liqueur somewhere along the lines of Campari, but with a different, pleasantly spicy flavor. It is the quintessential English summer drink. You make it by pouring a little into a glass with ice and topping it off with lemon-lime soda, ginger ale or even sparkling water and garnishing with citrus slices of your choice. Delicious and refreshing.  Try it – your guests will love it and think you very chic too!



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