My Material Life

A Little Armchair Traveling


Anta Castle in Scotland, featured in MAN SHOPS GLOBE Season 2.

Do you get the Sundance Channel? If you do and if you enjoy travel shows and things, you might want to take a look at the new season of Man Shops Globe. Keith Johnson is “buyer-at-large” for Anthropologie and the show chronicles his shopping exploits as he urgently tries to find something he’s never seen before to sell or display back in the U.S. The show has its detractors (crass materialism, the banality of Anthropologie stores – suburban moms and what-not, etc.) But I’ll bet the artisans he features and orders from are quite happy for his business. And Mr. Johnson has grown on me to the point that I find him oddly endearing. In keeping with my England posts, this week’s show features a trip to Scotland. The first episode took place in Thailand. Both episodes featured charities who would benefit somehow from all that shopping – no doubt the producers’ response to some of the criticism. It’s on Wednesdays at 10 pm. If you have a DVR you can probably still find a repeat showing of the Scotland episode. I must say I do enjoy my visits to Anthropologie. In a world of lackluster merchandising, the Anthropologie stores never fail to provide a visual feast. I also love their book selections. A couple of months ago I actually found a book on the textile designer Vera in the Santana Row store. I had to buy it. Do you remember Vera?




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