My Material Life

Beautiful Bath

Ah England – home of The Beatles, The Queen and Charlie & Lola.  We can’t help saying to each other, “do you remember where we were this time last year?”  So I hope you’ll forgive me for reliving a bit of that glorious July 2009 trip in the coming days.  Five of us went.  We were going to be six, but my mother-in-law (the inspiration for our trip) died a little more than a month before we were set to leave.  You know, I think she was a bit of an Anglophile and now I realize I’m one too!  Though I’m sorry she couldn’t make the trip, I am so glad that the rest of us did.  It is quite a feat for me to venture away from my beloved cat for any period of time, but having a housesitter made that seem workable.  And Rick Steves is right – beginning your trip to England in Bath is a wonderful way to go.

Those last two shots are of the Villa Magdala which is where we stayed.  We had a tea service in our room and it was supplied with the most wonderful biscuits called McVitie’s Digestives.  These are so good.  Not too sweet and a nice kind of sandy texture.  Excellent with tea, coffee, wine.  They’d be wonderful on a cheese board.  And the good news is Gene’s Market carries them in their British section. You can get a small package for $3 and some-odd cents.  My daughter prefers the chocolate-covered variety which is more expensive, but I think the plain ones are better.

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