My Material Life

Home-Sewn Pup Tent


I made this last year and brought it out again yesterday. The instructions come from the book, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. The tent construction couldn’t be simpler:  sew twill tape loops to a large rectangle of fabric (this one is seamed) at either end of the top center fold and at each corner. Thread rope through each of the top center fold loops and then tie to a tree or some other support. Use tent stakes to secure the base of the tent at the corners. Voila – you have a pup tent! This one is made from outdoor fabric I found at JoAnn Fabrics. That blanket is something, isn’t it? It’s a piece of beautiful double-faced Italian woven wool that I picked up at Britex on the remnant floor years ago. I fell in love with it when I saw it – didn’t know how I would use it. When I found myself needing a blanket for the park after having my daughter, it became the elegant solution. Not terribly washable, but I do now and then. Hang to dry. Keeps getting smaller and smaller.

If you do seek out the instructions for the tent from the book, do your math when cutting and seaming the fabric and check it against the instructions. I remember something funny when I was doing the sewing. I just checked the errata for the book and couldn’t find anything on the tent, but be forewarned. Nice book though. Always a good idea to search for your book title along with the term “errata” before you begin any sewing or knitting project from a book. Mistakes get made and published. So nice to find them before you begin your project!


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