My Material Life

Duct Tape Blow Dryer

IMG_3230Recently, a small beauty shop/boutique opened in our hall bath. The proprietor needed a blow dryer so I made her one that didn’t come with all of the usual electrical dangers. This blow dryer was made from one cardboard toilet paper tube, one cardboard paper towel tube and one plastic water bottle. I cut each piece to the desired size, connected the pieces with a few pieces of tape, and then used strips of the colored duct tape to cover and mold all the pieces into a whole. I’d like to think that when the owner is done with the blow dryer (the shop is already closed), the tape can be removed and thrown away and the original pieces recycled. In reality, the whole thing will probably be too sticky for recycling, but we’ll see. I guess we can call it re-use or upcycling?

I had the duct tape already because I’d been inspired by a puppet theatre I saw in the late Cookie magazine that was designed by Todd Oldham. This was about the time his book, Kid Made Modern came out. Unfortunately, the puppet theatre isn’t in the book, but if I ever get around to making it (so many projects, so little time before she outgrows them!), I’ll show it to you. I definitely recommend the book though. Lots of fun projects with an introduction to many wonderful designers, mostly from the middle of the last century. Todd Oldham is so cool. And he seems like such a nice guy too.


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