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IKEA’s Textiles

Do you have a “happy place”? I always wondered where mine was until it hit me yesterday – it’s IKEA. IKEA is my happy place! And it’s not only my happy place, it’s my daughter’s too. IKEA has been one of her very favorite places to go since she was two. Is it our Swedish ancestry that draws us there? The macaroni and cheese? The frozen yogurt? Their stuffed dog collection? Well those are a few of her favorite things anyway. For me, I have to say I love their textiles. And I brought all of the items pictured home with me yesterday. The fabric, Cecilia (my mother’s name – how could I refuse?), the very large and very luxurious beach (they call them bath) towels from Turkey, called Varmt (currently on sale); and the Ramso umbrella. I have some projects in mind for all of them which hopefully I can share here in the not too distant future. I wonder if many people even realize that IKEA has a fabric department. They do and you can find some well-priced quality goods there. Probably not for clothing so much, but certainly for curtains, tablecloths, bags, panels, etc. My sister uses IKEA fabrics in the aprons she makes. Definitely worth a look


And I’m so glad to report that the East Palo Alto store has finally put some chairs back in the first floor refreshment area which makes me very happy indeed.


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