My Material Life

Maida Heatter’s Danish Butter Sandwiches

I know these look like peanut butter cookies because of the fork indentations, but they are really quite something else – Danish Butter Sandwiches from my favorite baker, Maida Heatter. And really, with the amount of fat in these cookies you might as well be eating butter sandwiches! But for a special occasion (an adult tea party perhaps?) they are fantastic. Of course it helps if you enjoy the taste of brown butter because that is the predominant flavor of the frosting center. You’ll find the recipe by clicking on the table of contents located here. Well, most of the recipe. From where it leaves off you want to stir until completely smooth and add another teaspoon or so of cream to make a thick filling. You’ll use a scant teaspoonful of the filling for each pair of cookies. You cannot go wrong by adding any Maida Heatter dessert cookbook to your collection. My version of this recipe comes from Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Cookies published in 1977. There are more recent compilations of her recipes, but her daughter illustrated the older books and they are my favorites. Very rich cookies, but really special!


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