My Material Life

Happy Birthday Celia

This is my mother Celia and me in a favorite old photo. Isn’t she adorable? She would have been 81 today. She was about 35 here. I’ve always loved this picture because I look so happy and content with her. I remember that red, black and white ski sweater she is wearing so clearly. My parents had a cabin in Big Bear Lake and that’s where she’d wear it. She loved clothes and she had a knack for dressing well and keeping her five kids looking sharp too (at least when we were little). I’ve always had this vague feeling that my own sense of beauty stems from her and from things of hers that I remember. I still aspire to dress better because of her, even though she’s been gone for fifteen years. I’m not quite – well really not at all – there yet, but I’m working on it. Even my daughter tries to get me to dress better. She picked out the clothes for me and her dad to wear to her dance recital today and she did a good job. I think she has an eye for clothes like her grandmother.

After my dad passed away in 2005, I brought this home from his garage where my mom had left it hanging. I can kind of remember embroidering this, but I’m not sure how old I was or if it was a school project or Girl Scouts or what. My daughter has a little friend who is very crafty. Her mom, my friend, is a wonderful knitter and she is coming over this summer to try out my sewing machine. Perhaps we’ll set the girls up with some yarn, burlap, and some plastic yarn needles and see what they come up with.

Happy Birthday Mom – Love, Colleen



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