My Material Life

The Cupcake Craze Is Alive and Well

The reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. I know this because I attended a family dinner last Saturday night where every single person who brought dessert (there were three including me) brought cupcakes. Granted, it’s a big family, but we didn’t need six dozen cupcakes! Mine were the last to arrive which was a little embarrassing, but I like to make and bring desserts because we have a peanut/tree nut allergy in our household which rules out bakery goods. All the other cupcakes came from cupcake bakeries. I have no idea how those tasted because I chose to enjoy the fruits of my own labor, the cupcakes pictured above. You can’t go wrong with these. The chocolate cake recipe comes from Hershey’s and the buttercream frosting is from Martha Stewart. Martha (being Martha) suggests you beat the buttercream for five minutes after each addition of one-half cup of sugar. I didn’t have that much time, but I did what I could and it turned out fine.

Have you seen these cupcake liners? They come from Sweden and they don’t require a muffin pan. In fact, I’ve found they work better when you don’t use them in a muffin pan. The pink liners came from The Cake Works on Bascom and I found the crown liners at Gene’s a few months ago. The Cake Works also set me up with a large pink cake box, a sturdy box insert, and the inserts for the cupcakes which all worked wonderfully for transporting the cakes across the Bay. The pink food coloring is from a natural decorating colors set by India Tree. You can find this at Whole Foods, but be prepared for sticker shock because it costs an arm and a leg (be sure to check the expiration date)! I found the floral marshmallows at Gene’s. These also cost an arm and a leg. They’re from England and are also naturally colored. I’ve had my eye on them for weeks so I’m glad I finally had a reason to break down and splurge on them.



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