My Material Life

A Little Embroidery

Very little, I’m afraid. I sometimes wonder why I don’t embroider more often. It’s such a simple thing to do and it adds so much charm and interest to whatever you embroider on. I did the embroidery pictured above when my daughter was a baby. The little garden scene comes from her crib bumper. I sketched it on paper and used sheets you can buy at the fabric store to transfer the design to the fabric. I’ve since taken the bumper apart and am planning to frame the embroidery that I cut from the rest of the fabric (complete with that undone French knot because I haven’t a clue how to fix it). It’s great fun to embroider your own designs. You can find inspiration just about anywhere.  And you can always find embroidery designs in books. The continuous line angel in the second photo comes from one of my favorite used bookstore finds, Adventures in Stitches by Mariska Karasz. I love the cover design of this book – very Bauhaus-like – and the author’s ideas for embroidery.

For embroidery instruction, I always refer back to my Aunt Ruthie’s 1969 edition of the Singer Sewing Book. If you don’t have something like that of your own, check your local library or take a look around Martha Stewart’s website. But do give it a try.



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