My Material Life

Sugar ‘n Cream Love

This yarn by Lily just makes me happy. It’s so homey and I love the colors, the cotton and the cost (not much). It’s wonderful for kitchen and bath things like wash cloths and bath mats because it’s so absorbent. Places like Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics carry it, so it’s easy to find. The bath mat in the upper left corner is my most recent project. I needed something to work on at my friend’s wine and knit gathering last week and an easy project like this is perfect for such an occasion. The pattern comes from the first book by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne, Mason-Dixon Knitting. They are two very funny ladies. I don’t look at their blog very often, but the last time I did I happened upon their video spoof of Grey Gardens – what a riot (at least to a fellow knitter and Big and Little Edie fan)! Anyway, the mat is knit log cabin style which is one of the techniques they feature in the book. I love this book – some very creative, off-the-beaten path knitting ideas, projects, and resources.

Speaking of off-the-beaten path, check out this slide show from today’s NY Times Home & Garden section.  Those giant, felted granny square rugs are amazing!


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