My Material Life

And Now for Something Completely Different

On Sunday I spent a rainy afternoon at a knitting class taught by a wonderful designer, Joan McGowan-Michael of White Lies Designs. Her book, Knitting Lingerie Style, is one of my favorite knitting books because Joan’s designs are so beautiful and the book itself is really lovely. I’ve already knit one piece from the book and while I may not become a prolific lingerie knitter, somehow the book inspires beyond lingerie (and not all of the pieces are lingerie). Take a look at the slip below. It combines a knitted bodice with a fabric skirt which is something I’d like to play with on other types of garments. Joan brought this slip to the class yesterday – it’s even more gorgeous in person.

From the book, Knitting Lingerie Style

The “tiny tailored gartini” shown at the top of this post comes from a pattern in the book. I knitted it a couple of years ago for a friend’s bridal shower. One of the reasons knitted lingerie appeals to me is that, like toys, the pieces are faster to knit! Of course, knitted lingerie has the added challenge of a bit of sewing and then there’s the hardware (underwire, slides, rings, etc.). I am definitely going to try making a bra after seeing the construction firsthand at Joan’s class which was held in Los Altos at Uncommon Threads. Uncommon Threads is one of the oldest yarn shops in the area, but it has a new owner and she’s very nice. The shop has a great book selection and those beautiful big Rowan magazines. Do visit when you are in Los Altos or make a special trip and you can also visit favorite shops such as Birch and Vintage Bath. Then why not make yourself (or a friend) some underwear?



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