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Chocolate Moose Pie


It’s so fun to make a special dessert for company – especially when it is as easy to put together as this one. I started with the classic Nabisco chocolate wafers and followed the recipe on the box to make a crust (basically just grinding wafers in the food processor, adding melted butter, pressing into pie pan and baking). Then I made Nigella’s instant chocolate mousse. One note about the recipe I’m linking to: my version came from a different source and only called for 1.5 cups of mini marshmallows. Three cups seems a bit excessive, but I leave it up to you. I whipped up a bit more heavy cream with a splash of vanilla for the topping and yes, even molded chocolate for the moose picks. My guests didn’t get the moose picks because most of them broke. They didn’t seem to mind, but luckily I had one good one for the photo. “Pick” molds are not very deep, so the picks themselves are a bit fragile. You can’t see it, but there is actually a stick of chocolate extending from the moose right into the whipped cream. The stick or pick is part of the moose mold. Fun, huh? You can find the molds here (see Jesus and Mary chocolate molds on the same page – what would be an appropriate occasion I wonder? Next time the Pope comes to call?) I pulled this together pretty much at the last minute, but I recommend refrigerating the assembled pie for at least one hour before serving.


One comment

  1. Kathie

    No, your guests didn’t mind at all, though your attempt to “finish” this wonderful treat was appreciated ~ and the chocolate mousse was decadent and scrumptious! Thanks again!

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