My Material Life

Easter Pleasures

There are so many things to love about Easter and the early spring. Bunnies for instance – preferably chocolate, stuffed or papier-mache like the fellow above. I found this bunny on the cover of a kid’s Easter crafts book at the library. He is made from bunched up newspaper that was wrapped with strips of papier-mache material that I moistened with water – no mixing required. I was directed to the strips when I asked about papier-mache at the hobby store. Once dry, I glued his head to his body and his ears to his head and painted him with liquid acrylic paint. With his pink satin ribbon he makes a fine Easter bunny to preside over the egg hunt.

Did you know you can make your own sugar eggs? Why bother, you ask? Good question. They remind me of my childhood and of dioramas which I have always loved plus I just like to make things! Mind you, this egg is 11 years old. I don’t have the stamina for this kind of thing every year, but they hold up well if kept sealed and I have no plans to eat them. My recipe came from Sunset magazine when Jerry Anne Di Vecchio was at the food helm. I don’t see it on their website, but Martha has a recipe here. The hardest part about making these may be finding miniatures. That little lamb was a Wilton cake decoration; cake decorating sources are probably your best bet.

Another bunny here, this one stuffed and with its very own vegetable patch! This is a wonderful felt project from the book, Last Minute Fabric Gifts. And it’s not the only wonderful project in the book; do seek it out if you enjoy working with fabric.

Camellia blossom with last night’s rain still attached. Happy April.


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