My Material Life

Irish Coffee Float


I can’t help but think of my mother, Celia, on St. Patrick’s Day. She just loved Irish coffee (and Bailey’s Irish Cream and grasshoppers – the green cocktail, not the bugs). So whenever I have one, I drink it in her honor. But this year I’m onto something a little different – the Irish coffee float. Ever since I saw Juliette Binoche pour coffee on her ice cream in a French film a while back, I’ve tried to do the same thing, but it never satisfies. The coffee turns instantly cold and it’s just not that great even though it seems like such a good combination. But the other day I had some coffee left from my morning mug and I decided to heat it in the microwave and put my vanilla ice cream in the mug with it and it was a whole different scenario – just the marriage of hot coffee and ice cream I’d been seeking. And I couldn’t help thinking how it reminded me of Irish coffee, only better. So tonight I’ll start with hot coffee in the mug and then add ice cream and a little Irish whiskey. I think my mother would approve. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


  1. Kathie

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m sitting here with the same Irish Coffee mug thinking of Celia, too. I know Mom’s up there with a very happy smile. I’ll have to try your new recipe sometime. Tonight I added Bailey’s and Kahlua with a touch of whiskey in the whipped cream.

    It was nice talking to you – I love your new blog! I don’t have a blog, but Cait is going to show me how to get on Facebook this weekend.

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