My Material Life

A Reason to Believe


I have mixed feelings about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. I’ll never forget feeling that I’d been had when I found out the truth as a kid. But how can I not whole-heartedly promote the tooth fairy when such a cute little accessory is involved? This project comes from one of my favorite sites, The Purl Bee. You’ll find the instructions here. Luckily, I had all supplies on hand and was able to sew this together (no machine or iron or ironing board necessary!) while watching the Oscars last week. The first of my daughter’s top front teeth came out that morning. For the first two bottom teeth we used a kit I found while visiting another favorite site, Angry Chicken. The certificate makes such a nice keepsake, but I hope the tooth fairy was extra impressed by this very special pouch. Thank you Purl Bee.


  1. Camille

    I can’t wait to make one, too! I have the same qualms about Santa. Gabriel thinks you can pray to Santa like you pray to God. When, oh when, do we burst their bubble? Or do we wait for the older kids at school to do it??

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